Over the past years, database requirements have changed and expanded greatly. As databases have been formerly accessed only by individuals or at most some hundred users, these days successful internet services have to cope with several thousand users simultaneously. At the same time, there are special requirements which relational databases simply can’t reflect as accurately as needed, like an efficient management of graph data structures. triAGENS is an expert in the field of development of innovative databases which can be easily integrated in established architectures thus opening up downright new business applications.

ArangoDB is devised as a flexible alternative to relational databases like MySQL, and other noSQL databases like Riak and MongoDB. More often than not, further requirements arise in the course of a web project whereas other requirements change. ArangoDB provides a vast toolbox of features which can be flexibly combined to cover a multitude of application scenarios.

The SessionVOC is a memory-based database optimized for managing user sessions in web applications. Its primary assignment is the efficient and simple session and corresponding user data management. That holds true even with many simultaneous user accesses or regarding projects requiring high security settings.

SimpleVOC is one of the fastest key-value-stores available (up to 150,000 requests/second). It is ready-to-use and simple to operate. Practical features like the “extended key values” convert SimpleVOC into a flexible database for high-traffic web applications. Developers particularly appreciate its unlimited bucket size.